Web Applications


A web application is an application that embodies the functionality of a website with the functionality of an app for mobile devices, with the only difference that its application does not reside on a device but on the web. It therefore does not need to be downloaded or installed to take advantage of its potential, it is immediately available.

The efficiency of these applications resides in the chance to be accessed by all devices, both fixed and mobile, as the only requirements will be a browser and internet connection. The web app has several advantages such as the reduction of costs, it can be used by all devices and from anywhere in the world, it offers the possibility of customizing user usability quickly and easily with an interface adapted to your device, using any browser and internet connection.

Our Web Application Plans

Choosing customized web applications offers an innovative solution to implement and simplify each phase of the business process. Dedalhost designs and develops web applications with an attractive layout and an intuitive and immediate user experience. We work constantly with you in every phase of the project, putting our technical skills at your disposal to ensure you a high-performance final product that best reflects your initial idea. During the entire manufacturing process, we set ourselves a rigorous working method, in order to obtain a high-performance, modular and expandable software that meets all your specific needs.

Thanks to a sophisticated software that you can access through a web browser, you will easily manage your business irrespectively the type of web application you will need: managerial, commercial, administrative or marketing.

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