Red Team Specialist Certified Training Course

Red Team Specialist Certified Training Course


Red Team Specialist Training Course is for Advanced Professionals who wants to upskill their offensive skills. Our lab mimics an isolated environment of a Nuclear facility which generates electricity for a part of country. The reactivity designs of new generation reactors placed in the lab is an isolated unit with maximum safety & stability under mild conditions. The main goal of this lab is to simulate Nuclear Meltdown & exfiltrate sensitive information.


Who is the course for?

This course is designed for candidates who are interested in Red Teaming.

  • Red Team Operators, Leads, Managers & Professionals
  • Advanced Malware Authors, Developers
  • Candidate who wants to Uplift their career in Red Teaming
  • Candidate interested in understanding the nature of Apex Threat Actors

This training course is designed for Advanced Professionals

Characteristics of the course:

  • One to one mentorship with industry expert
  • 24×7 Lab Access with Study Material ( PDF + Video )
  • Access to 3 Unique TTPs
  • 90 Days VPN Lab Access
  • Aligned with MITRE ATT&CK
  • VPN + Web Based Access
  • Technical Support
  • Simulate Nuclear Meltdown
  • Digital Badge
  • fficial end-of-course certificate

Training Course Syllabus:

First individual orientation service by one of our experts.

Red Team Specialist Course is divided in to 5 main modules categorized below

Perform Cyber Kill Chain:

  • Extensive OSINT Enumeration
  • Exploit Remote Access Services (VDI, RDS etc)
  • Custom Privilege Escalation
  • Custom Web Exploitation
  • Abuse LOLABS to stealthily exfiltrate data
  • Follow MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Abuse Active Directory Environment:

  • Abuse Constrained & Unconstrained delegation
  • Kerberoasting and AS-REP Roasting
  • Credential Replay Attacks (PTH, OPTH, PTT etc)
  • Multiple Cross Forest Abuse Scenarios (FSP, Kerberoasting, Delegation)
  • Token Manipulation attacks
  • Abusing SQL Server Links from Linux Machines
  • Abuse Linux Machines in AD Environment

Escape Containerized Environment:

  • Multiple methods to escape containers
  • Simulated environment
  • Multi-Level Container Breakouts

Lateral Movement and Network Pivoting:

  • From Linux to Windows, Windows to Windows, Windows to Linux etc
  • Abuse Internal Remote Services in Multi-OS environment
  • Alternative authentication methodologies
  • Understand Local, Remote Port Forwarding, various proxies etc
  • Multi-level in-depth network pivoting in Windows & Linux OS

Enterprise Grade Automation Software:

  • Abuse Automation Software
  • Abuse Secret Servers
  • Understand & Exploit CI/CD Pipeline
  • Custom attack vector development for user phishing
  • Abuse bastion host


  • Eagerness to Learn
  • Understanding of Web and Network Penetration Testing
  • Knowledge of Active Directory
  • Network Pivoting Basics
  • Recommended for Advanced Professionals

Certification Procedures:

  • Perform Red Teaming with 3 unique Attack Paths
  • Simulated Nuclear Facility to perform Nuclear Meltdown
  • Aligned with MITRE ATT&CK Framework
  • Industry Recognized Red Team Certificate

Skills Reflected by Certificate Holder:

  • Planning & executing an organized sophisticated attack
  • Identifying & Manipulating weakest link in the chain of target
  • Utilizing “out-of-the-box” techniques to execute as organized adversaries
  • Extensive Recon in Internal & External Enterprise infrastructure
  • Performing sophisticated post-exploitation and persistent activities
  • Perform Advance Kerberos based attacks in fully patched Active Directory environment (both Linux & Windows)
  • Bypassing host-level & network-level restrictions
  • Breaking from Containerized Environment
  • Securing enterprise networks


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