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We transform your ideas and needs into simple and functional software solutions.

DedalHost deals with custom software development and Web and Mobile applications. Web apps are innovative versions of applications that are displayed directly in the browser and there is no need to install any additional tool nor app on the smartphone. They will be useful when you want users to have direct access to your website without downloading the app.

The software applications are born from a deep understanding of customers’ needs and business processes, thanks to a consolidated internal know-how oriented to select the most appropriate technical solutions: this will allow to transform commercial requirements into functioning and effective systems.

When developing a customized software or a proposal of third-party products, we always aim to guarantee our customers high quality IT solutions and software applications, able to assist and guide them effectively in the management of entrepreneurial activities, simplifying and speeding up all operational phases.

Today, more than ever, business activities require adequate IT support designed and built in a personalized way through the development of software and web-oriented applications to develop to their best. Web applications respond exactly to this need: create suitable tools for improving business performance, they are made “to measure” and respond to customer needs.

Achieving your goals will not be that difficult because we will find the solution you are looking for. We will help you with care and professionalism in the growth of your business, thus allowing you to make your investments as profitable as possible. Web applications simplify administrative and managerial processes at all stage.

App Development & Smart Phones

We are available to develop native APPs for Android and IOS mobile as well as desktop apps both simple and complex. It is important to carry out an initial design analysis to optimize both processing times and costs.

Smartphone apps are now part of our daily life: anyone with a smartphone uses them to stay in touch, interact or access what they are interested in. For a company, it can become essential to have an app that creates a direct relationship with its customers, directly by accessing their phone or tablet. Whether it is to promote services, products or events, to improve the perception of the brand or to optimize the management of company activities, a mobile device application can represent a great development opportunity: for this reason, it is crucial to find the right partner who can realize your idea, model it on your business or communication objectives and design it with the support of expert developers.

Would you like to receive advice on the design and development a software or a web application for your business?

We develop Software and Apps and we do it with care to ensure the success of your project.