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When we talk about cyber security we refer to a branch of IT security, which deals with acting upstream of cyber attacks, preventing them. Cyber ​​security experts are able to defend a company from malicious attacks, that may pass through the internet or via computer systems, preventing damage to the company both from an economic point of view, but also in terms of image and brand identity.
The use of the Internet is growing, and with it also the relevant business management methods are evolving: within a digital business growth plan, it is necessary to give priority to the appropriate security measures, in order to avoid falling into the IT traps of unwanted attacks. Online risks are everywhere: you can occur exposure during simple net surfing, but also in receiving a tailored e-mail conceived to hit the target; in files from an unknown source, or in the internet of things.
A professional protection of internal IT systems and networks, therefore, must be among the priorities of any company. Before implementing a valid protection that is able to defend the company from external threats, it is appropriate to understand what are the strategies adopted by black hats to attack a corporate system. Cybersecurity is a strategic asset to defend your business from the constant risk of a cyber attack, which often results in significant economic losses. You can let your company suffer a cyber attack, or invest in cybersecurity by relying on an experienced team.

How companies are affected by cyber attacks ?

There are several ways for a malicious hacker to trap the target, but all of them go through the internet. Cyber threats for a company can be of various types, the most common are frequent phishing attempts. Through a system aimed at deceiving the user, the malicious hacker is able to extort important and confidential information, such as the authentication credentials for the internal system. Once in possession of the key to open the desired “door”, the work of the bad guys will be much easier.
A company may suffer a cyber attack even by the adoption of non-original software, it may cause an irreparable damage in the business environment: the so-called cracked programs can hide IT pitfalls, certainly capable of more serious economic damage than the cost of an original and safe license to use. Often, this type of software is modified by unscrupulous people who, taking advantage of their computer skills, actually commit an offense, and not infrequently may be able to hide malicious files or codes in the same program to spy on the system in which they are installed.
The defense strategy of companies must play their important game in advance and not to wait for an intrusion into the system to react. They should develop a proactive and intelligent method that goes far beyond simple detection and removal once the breach has already been accomplished. You can contact our Cyber Security Consultants UK. Secure your work with our services!

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Cyber Security Services UK

Basic Standard Premium
Penetration Test Type Basic Penetration Test Standard Penetration Test Full Penetration Test
Black List Check Yes Yes Yes (Google, McAfee, Sucuri Labs, ESET,Phish Tank, Opera,Yandex)
Black List Remove No Yes Yes
Threat Rate Check Yes Yes Yes
Vulnerability Scanning Yes Yes Yes
Malware Scanning No Yes Yes
Malware Remove No Yes Yes
Remove Deceptive Site Ahead Warning No Yes Yes
Update Security No Yes Yes
Security for WordPress Login No No Yes
Hide WordPress Login URL No No Yes
Change Default WordPress Login URL No No Yes
Report Type A Simple Report with (System Info, Web Application Info, Security Level, Site Issue URL) Report with (System Info, Web Application Info, Security Level, Site Issue URL) Full Report with (System Info, Web Application Info, Security Level, Site Issue URL, Links found Lists, Java script included lists, Iframe included lists, Embedded objects included)
Delivery Time 3 Days 5 Days 5 Days or more
Price € 100 € 200 € 450
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Professional Packages

User Awareness Training User Awareness Training User Awareness Training
Phishing Simulation Phishing Simulation Phishing Simulation
1x VAPT (Network) 1x VAPT (Network) 1x VAPT (Network)
1x Vulnerability mitigation support 1x Vulnerability mitigation support 1x Vulnerability mitigation support
1x Configuration Audit FIM (File Integrity Monitoring) FIM (File Integrity Monitoring)
1x System Hardening System Authentication Monitoring System Authentication Monitoring
1x Configuration Audit 1x Configuration Audit
1x System Hardening 1x System Hardening
Threat detection Threat detection and response
1x Patch Management Consultation DarkWeb Monitoring (Max. 3 Keywords)
Security Maturity Consultation
1x Patch Management Consultation
1x Capacity Management review
GRC Advisory Consultation
€ 220/month € 350/month € 550/month
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